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Community of Trusted Arborists Dedicated to the Preservation of Missouri’s Trees

Professional Arborist Directory

Homeowners or businesses interested in working with registered arborists can browse the online member directory. The directory is updated regularly as new members join the organization. Existing members have access to the directory to reach out to other members.


St. Louis Arborist Association

Founded in 1955 by Ken Kirk, Ed Schrader, and John Haberthier, the St. Louis Arborist Association is a nonprofit organization serving as the area’s leading organization for certified arborists and tree management professions. The organization seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas and engages members about new scientific research and knowledge related to tree health, invasive species, and treatments for fungi and tree disease.

What is an Arborist?

Arborists care for and maintain trees, and they strive for preservation and conservation. To receive the accreditation from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) that denotes a “certified” arborist, individuals must pass a comprehensive exam that covers key terms, tree health, pest remediation, common diseases and fungi, and many other areas related to caring for all species of trees. All arborists who are certified by ISA must adhere to the Society's Code of Ethics.

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The Mission of the St. Louis Arborist Association

The mission of the Association is to improve the practice of tree preservation, to stimulate a greater interest in the planting and preservation of ornamental trees, to cooperate in the conservation of trees and in the beautification of the landscape, to initiate and foster scientific investigation into insect and disease problems of the region’s trees, to disseminate information, instruction and knowledge to the public concerning tree preservation, to secure better cooperation among arborists, to adopt all standards established by the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)  and ensure all members adhere to these pruning standards.

St. Louis Arborist Events

Explore our monthly calendar to learn about training sessions and to learn more about guest speakers/presentations scheduled for the Association’s monthly meetings. Volunteer at the Missouri Botanical Gardens to celebrate Arbor Day (each spring) and find information about an upcoming meeting. Our calendar also includes training events, classes, and other educational opportunities exclusive to members.

Arbor Day is the Association’s most celebrated holiday. On Arbor Day, the Association actively encourages the public to plant a tree. To further support the effort and commemorate the day, members host a tree giveaway at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

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Join the St. Louis Arborist Association

Interested in becoming a member of the St. Louis Arborist Association? Access an application via the website. The Association offers multiple different membership options, including Active, Contributing, Associate and Municipal. New members are “probationary” members until an Ethics review has been completed. Applicants interested in “Active” membership must include references.

Access Resources for Tree Care and Arboriculture Education

Learn more about tree care, maintenance, disease prevention, and the role of professional arborists in facilitating the preservation and conservation of tree species in Missouri. Use the resource center for blog articles focused on a variety of topics and tips.

Each month, the Association publishes a new article. Check the site regularly to stay up-to-date or subscribe for email updates.

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