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Stump-I-Cide Logo
Bill Spradley, Certified Arborist & Degree Forester; Mike Sestric, Certified Arborist; Carolyn Drapp


540 Clark Avenue


Providing Tree Care Excellence In Kirkwood Since 1990


Stump Removals, Landscaping, Tree Pruning & Removals, Tree & Shrub Spraying, Tree & Shrub Fertilization, Consulting & Appraisals

Trees, Forests and Landscapes has been dedicated to tree care and preservation since 1990. But for owner William J. Spradley, dedication to horticultural perfection to trees has been a part of his life much longer. At an early stage in his career, Spradley knew that if by hiring arborists that had the same passion for trees and the same work ethics, the team could create a strong clientele of long-term satisfied customers in the St. Louis area.

Through the years, this mindset proved extremely viable and has resulted in having all of his arborists on staff ISA-certified and degreed in either Horticulture, Forestry or Arboriculture, an accomplishment that is unique to the St. Louis area.

As an intentionally small company, we can give you the highest level of personal attention with the professionalism truly needed to service all of the areas of tree care and plant selection for your urban landscape.

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