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Summer Evening Walkabouts

June 7, 2017,6:00 pm-June 29, 2017,8:00 pm

Happy Spring to all you Green people!

It looks like June will get here faster than I can imagine so I’ll get the word out about summer evening walkabouts in some beautiful areas of St. Louis. I know we are all busy with spring rush but take a look and let me know. It is frustrating to turn people away when classes fill but I don’t like walking massive groups.

I believe this is the 15th annual year of plant walks!! Seems like I should be making shirts! Thanks for all your interest in hearing, seeing, touching some great horticultural (and not so great) plants around St. Louis.

We have a lot of fun doing it and it is always great to learn some plant traits/history that we didn’t know. Sometimes we even get stumped on what plant we are looking at….. who remembers the plant in Tower Grove park last year that took 2 weeks to figure out?? Plus, it is great to rub elbows with others that appreciate the horticulture industry.

We’ve kept it as inexpensive as possible. It has always been my goal to help anyone develop a sense of appreciation for the plants that we can and shouldn’t use around this area.

I love to see landscape crew people, designers, arborists, retail sales people, homeowners, master gardeners and landscape architects.

If landscape company employees gain knowledge of the material they use/plant it will  make them more aware of what they do, WHY they do it and HOW they can do it better. This makes for more competent employees and happier customers.

The Arborist Society has always been kind enough to allocate 8 CEU’s to certified arborist if you do all sessions (2 ceu’s per walk).

All info needed is attached Woody_Ornamental_Plant_Registration2017. Please read it. Let me reiterate- ALL info is on the attached flyer.

As the form says, please email me your name(s), company (if applicable) and night (wed. or thurs).

Do Not send a check unless you’ve already reserved a spot by email. If paying by cash just do that the first session but be sure to reserve a spot by email.

I’ll try my best to return emails within 2 days. If you don’t hear from me please try again. Yahoo is not always my friend!

Please spread the word and forward this out to others that you know. So many others never hear about the walks.

Have a great spring and hopefully we can relax a few evenings in June for some healthy plant time


Dan Billman

Kirkwood Gardens


June 7, 2017,6:00 pm
June 29, 2017,8:00 pm